Gorgeous Nature

A lake to remember

Sometimes we travel hundreds of miles just to see the mountains or the sea, ignoring places that are infinitely more beautiful and more attractive in terms of nature and relaxation. Whether we crave the smell of the warm sea breeze of the exotic places or we’re the slaves of the “cool” trends – Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain (European beaches), we usually tend to avoid certain areas that seem too “uncool”.

Today I would like to present to you a beautiful inroad into the wild nature of the Bistrita valley. I bathed in this lake since I was a teenager and I have always appreciated this unique, simple and humble place, capable to give you a good dose of true happiness.

Let the story begin …

In the summer mornings, when the field flowers begin to dry under the sun, impregnating the air with a fragrance impossible to put in words, in such mornings, the lake Bâtca Doamnei sweeps its waves almost in a hypnotic way.

Blue cornflower, wild thyme, blooming thistles, and the almighty hay (together with the lake breeze) make up an excellent anti-stress therapy . Only a few seagulls cut the view and disturb the peace of the place known more by locals and less by tourists.

All you have to do is to stop, admire the landscape and breathe in the air.
Then you can continue your journey to the tail of the lake, walking on the road near the pier until it finally goes out into the wild.
Here you will only encounter a charming footpath that winds along the water . Vaults of hawthorn branches will leave you with some honorable scratches. But the landscape is worth it.

Now, if you have made the effort to get here, take out your towel and cling to the shoreline in order to enjoy the best sunbathing ever, or, if you have a high tolerance to ants, just lay down in the hay up on the hill.

Whether you choose a common type of swimsuit or the  Adam’s comfy swimsuit, believe me, no one will be angry with you (maybe just a stray fisherman will look down on you or maybe just the butterflies in the air will ask themselves : you’re OK, or you’re just another “white collar fella” who lost his mind ?) From above, the view is even more beautiful, and sleeping in the sun with the nose in the hay is the quintessence of the relaxation. The connoisseurs know why.

The gorgeous lake near Piatra Neamt is surrounded by forests and it ends in a small delta where huge colonies of swans sometimes gather.
From the lake area, the panorama is idyllic – we can admire the Ceahlau massif, then the  Cozla, Cernegura, Cârloman and Pietricica hills, as well as the Agârcia zone, all of this areas being protected by law.

So, if you come here, rejoice quietly and please –  do not pollute this savage corner with plastic bottles and so on. Leave your car in the city. Greet other loners like you. Collect some raspberries to satisfy your lust and leave the rest for the birds. Do not speak loudly because you could scare the fish and the fishermen might “bless” you with some “f” words. 🙂 Besides, in a place like this, the words are superfluous.

Look, enjoy and shut up. Take your dose of zen and return to your city  to the aseptic “cubicle” that eats you eight hours each day. But before that, look to the sky. Look at its unreal color and ask  yourself… why?

Photos here

© Ionela Chiru

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